ON SITE PICK UP - Evict Radon 90 Day Test Kit

ON SITE PICK UP - Evict Radon 90 Day Test Kit

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Thanks for consenting to join Evict Radon’s Canada-wide citizen science radon testing study!

By successfully deploying and returning your Evict Radon test kit, you are helping Canadian researchers understand the mechanisms that are driving radon exposure across Canada, allowing us to develop solutions and reduce the future burden of radon-attributable cancer amongst Canadians.  

You must deploy the radon test device in your home for 90 (or more) days at any period from the beginning of September through until the end of May. This means the latest you should be deploying is the beginning of March. We also need you to register this kit (link at www.evictradon.org) indicating the exact start and end dates – we cannot calculate your home’s radon without this. At this same site, you should also complete the home metric survey, which is essential for our research.

For $40.99, this kit includes, a ISO17025  certified long-term alpha-track test device, detailed instructions on what to do, return shipping instructions (to get the test device to the North American collection hub, which will then direct it to the global testing laboratory), and the cost of laboratory processing under strict quality-control. Please be aware that no party realizes any financial gain from kit sales as part of this nationwide study, and kits are sold ‘at cost’. For more information, please refer to the downloadable consent information you have already agreed to. You will receive your personal radon reading by the email address used to register the radon device when you deploy it.

IMPORTANT: In order to meet new Canada Post rules, return shipping labels are not included. Return shipping as “small packet” with Canada Post will cost approximately $10 without tracking.